Congratulations on starting a new venture! If you have gotten to this stage in starting your own vending machine business, you have already put in lots of thought and work. Although most owner/operators do this part time to gain a passive income (but you can choose to work as much as you’d like), you still may want a separate area of your home to handle all of your business. Listed below are a few tips for setting it up efficiently so you can get back to the work at hand!

Natural Light

Not only is it a great way to see by, studies have found that natural light can increase productivity. It can improve both your mood and health. Not to mention, not having to use artificial light 24/7 can cut back on your electricity bill and free up outlets for other things like a computer or fax machine. Noise Level It’s impossible to get anything done when you can’t focus. When picking your spot to set up, make sure to choose somewhere in your home that has thick enough walls, or is far enough removed, that sounds from the rest of house don’t carry in and make it hard to concentre. Storage You can never have too much of this! It may not seem like it now, but over time you will accumulate a lot of paper and supplies that you will need to hold onto. Stay organized by making sure to either pick a room with built in storge, or purchase storage units and containers to add.


Out of everything in your new home office, this will have the biggest impact on your comfort. Make sure that any chair you decide to use is comfortable. You will feel better about working longer and harder if you can do so happily!

Utilize Corners

Have a small space to work with? Don’t lose room in the corners! You can find desks, bookshelfs, and storage containers that are made specifically to fit right in.

Check Tax Rules

Did you know that you can write off certain expenses associated with having a home office? The rules are pretty strict (for instance, you can not use the room for anything other than business), but if you can manage it you can safe a decent amount of money! Consider speaking to a tax professional.

Skip the Office Supply Stores

The first thought that comes to your mind when you think of purchasing furniture and supplies for your new office may be to head to a big chain supply store. Hold on! You can actually find better deals at wholesale stores and thrift stores. Take a look around your house too, there are items you may be able to easily move around! That desk in the attic no one has used in years? A comfortable chair that never gets sat in? Repurpose them for your new office!