We can’t say it is much of a surprise, but now it is official: snacking might as well be one of the biggest American past times! A report from Mintel entitled Snacking Motivations and Attitudes US 2015, states that 94% of all Americans snack at least once a day. Apparently a big part of this new rise in popularity comes from Millennials, who view snacking as convenient and a way of life.

It is interesting to note that in the article it is discussed that consumers are reporting that they wish that more snacks came in smaller portions. Lucky for UTurn Vending operators, our vending machines dispense handful sized amounts and can be filled with whatever you would like (healthy or fun).

If you want to read more, visit this article on Vending Market Watch and read about which snacks sell the best in a vending machine:

Healthy Bulk Vending Snacks