I am a lucky man.

Yesterday, my younger son took his first step – and I was there to see it. Better yet, I was the one he walked towards. While playing together in the floor, he suddenly grabbed my knee, stood tall, stretched out his chubby little arms, grinned ear to ear, and took one very big step before flinging himself into my open arms. I’ll never forget it.

That’s Gabriel (Gabey Baby, as we call him) in the photo above. Had he been born three years earlier, this story would have turned out differently; I would have received a hastily jotted note on my son’s daycare daily report: “Started walking.” As I mentioned a moment ago, I am a lucky man. The vending business has allowed me to work from home, and do it with flexible hours. As a result, our children don’t go to a daycare. They don’t spend time with a babysitter for hours on end. My wife and I are at home, with them, in their most formative years. We get to see the first crawl, first step, and every other amazing milestone that means so much to a parent.

When I talk to someone about getting into the vending business, it’s honestly difficult to contain the passion I have for it. Being there for Gabriel’s first step is one of hundreds of anecdotes I have saved up when encouraging someone to take the leap and start their own business. We’ve worked hard to build a vending business that supplements the other work we do so that neither my wife nor I have to go to someone else’s office for 8-10 hours every day, and I know the business plan that can bring others similar success.

Starting a vending business isn’t something that you may have thought of as a viable option, and I was in that same boat several years ago. Today, I have profitable vending machines in businesses near my home that I service once a week or so. My older son, Gideon (3 at the moment), even has his own coin sorter that he uses to stack and wrap the coins we pull out of our machines. We have a pantry in the room next to our kitchen where most of our supplies are stored. We’ve incorporated the business into our lives (rather than the other way around) and are very happy with it.

This article may not have the secret sauce to success as a vending business owner, but I hope it helps you understand a little about why I do what I do. The team at UTurn knows the bulk candy vending business better than anyone else – I encourage you to reach out to them and learn more about starting your own vending company.

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