We asked our existing U-Turn Vending Operators to tell us about their businesses since starting with us. They answered the following questions:

1. How many U-Turns (4 selection machines) or Terminators (8 selection machines) do you own? 

88 customers took the time to fill out the questionnaire. Out of 88 customers, 918 U-Turns and 56 Terminators were represented. 

2. How long have you been in the vending business? 

Many operators reported being in business for less than 2-3 years.
The longest time in business reported was 65 years (wow!).

3. How long have you used U-Turns? 

The majority of responses here matched the operators’ time in business from the previous question.
The longest time using U-Turns reported was 8 years.

4. What type of location is your highest producer and what is the average vend on this location per month?

(42 locations were represented)

Agriculture Related Business $83
Apartment Complex/Laundry Room $46
Auto Dealer $150 to $200
Auto Dealer $50
Billiard/Pool Hall $360
Business Offices $129.16
Bowling Alley $40
College $120
Craft Store $72
Doctor’s Office $57
Fabrication Plant $762
Grocery Store $38
Grocery Store $45
Home Depot $337
Hospital $129
Hospital $534.25
Manufacturing Plant $180
Manufacturing Plant $342.50
Mexican Restaurant $48
Petting Zoo $437.00
Pizza Parlor $85
Pizza Parlor $130
Police Department (2 U-Turns) $480
Private Schools $175.00
Recreation Center $100
Recreation Center $434.57*
Restaurant $22
Restaurant $189
Restaurant $45
Restaurant Family Style $161.80
Restaurant Fast Food $577.66
Retail Store $138
Retail Store $100
Retail Store $118.42
Shipping Yards $325.00
Sporting Good Store $100
Steak Shop $160
Super Markets $133
Tire Center $64
Tire Center $34
Variety Shops $164.25
Video Shop $100

* Includes Bowling, Bingo, and Sporting Venues

5. How often do you service your equipment? 

The majority of operators reported servicing their equipment once per month.
The highest performing locations required up to weekly servicing.

6. What ten products are your best sellers?

(Products listed by our customers)

1. M&M Peanuts*
2. Hot Tamales
3. M&M Plain
4. Runts
5. Skittles
6. Nuts ** / Chicklets Gum
8. Reese’s Pieces
9. Mike and Ikes
10. Jelly Beans / Gum Balls
*M&M Peanuts was the best selling candy by a 6 to 1 margin
**If Cashews were listed separately, they usually were the selection #1 or #2

7. What interesting marketing techniques have you used?

1. Free give-away with marked candy (goldfish in pet store, videos in video stores).
2. Send a machine on a Mac Truck tool sale.
3. Give owner free candy when servicing machines.
4. Ask owners and employees what kind of candy they want.
5. Crank up vend to give more candy than other machines.
6. Talk to owners/managers, let them help place machine.

NOTE: Vend Tech International, Inc., dba U-Turn does not require its customers to disclose personal business information such as above. The above mentioned questionnaire was filled out voluntarily by 88 U-Turn customers. Vend Tech International, Inc., dba U-Turn cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the returned questionnaires. The above information should not be construed as a promise or implication of earnings for any U-Turn machine purchased. U-Turn makes no average income guarantee.


The Seller in its promotional material provides selected case studies of U-Turn owners and their previous earnings. The owners state the amount of revenue they receive per U-Turn machine in a specific location. These numbers are not intended to guarantee or imply that any other individual purchaser-investor will obtain the same results.

The Seller has conducted a survey in order to verify the average revenues currently received by U-Turn bulk candy machine owners.

The survey was sent to one thousand five hundred and fifty (1550) U-Turn owners. Of those, seventy-five (75) were returned, having moved with no forwarding address. So, out of one thousand four hundred and seventy five (1475), eighty-eight (88) customers responded to this survey. As reported by these customers, the average monthly gross income generated per 4 selection U-Turn machine was fifty-seven dollars and forty-four cents ($57.44) and one hundred and sixty-nine dollars and eighty cents ($169.80) for the 8 selection Terminator.


Some outlets have earned this amount. There is no assurance you will do as well. If you rely upon our figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well.

88 out of 1475 customers, or 6% of the reported U-Turn operators, responded to the aforementioned survey. Said customers, as referenced in this document, attained an average gross income of $57.44 per month per machine on 4-selection U-Turns and $169.80 per month per machine on 8-selection Terminators for a period ranging from 1991 to present.


This claim is based upon survey data from 88 U-Turn vending machines purchasers. The responses to the survey were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and reflect operations for the period between 1991 to present.

The survey data is available for inspection.

These figures are based on accounting principles which are disclosed as part of the survey data and the notes thereto. The above claim is for U-Turn and Terminator vending machines represented in 890 locations.