I got my idea to invest in vending as a way to support my children’s education. I have two kids – age 14 and 16 – and now I have more than two years’ head start on the money for college!
Curt, Vending Operator

Meet our team

UTurn has been helping people like you become successful business owners for nearly 30 years.The mission of our company is to offer the very best vending machine equipment with the highest quality support on the market.

UTurn is with you for the long haul: Our personalized, in-person training sessions help you get your vending machine company up and running quickly and our continued support is what makes 95% of our customers who order products from us come back to purchase more.

Our support doesn’t end with the purchase of a machine; when you call a member of our trained UTurn support team, you can be connected with professional locators, candy suppliers, bookkeeping systems, suggested locations for your candy machines, and professional advice.

We want to make your vending business opportunities an enjoyable and prosperous experience. Let us help you take control of your life and become your own boss! Learn how our high quality machines can work for your vending business by giving us a call today!

Randy Francis
Randy FrancisGeneral Manager
While he would never come right out and say it, anyone who has known Randy for more than ten minutes would readily testify to his unyielding ethics, family values, and belief in honest, hard work. As a founder of the company, Randy’s career is testament to the importance of treating everyone like they matter, and his reputation in the industry is proof that nice guys don’t finish last. Randy is responsible for the vision and direction of U-Turn Vending, as well as the complete operation of Vend Tech International – the parent company of U-Turn Vending.
Amy Anderson
Amy AndersonOperations Manager
Amy is responsible for ensuring that all of the moving pieces behind the scenes of U-Turn Vending operate smoothly. In fact, she prides herself in being the least recognized person in the company, as being seen means that something has gone wrong that requires her attention. With her sharp analytical skills and precision planning capabilities, U-Turn Vending is able to effectively grow and adapt to changing market conditions with ease.
Scott Johnson
Scott JohnsonStart-Up Specialist
Scott has made a career out of helping people translate their life goals and passions into a meaningful business that motivates them to do great things. A down-to-Earth family man, Scott understands how important starting a business is for his customers. He puts as much into the start-up and launch of each new business as his operators, and his track record proves that he’s doing the right thing.
Carolyn Robertson
Carolyn RobertsonFinancial Controller
Carolyn oversees the financial success of U-Turn Vending and the proper records associated with the company’s more than 7,000 customers. She has been instrumental in keeping the company debt free by insisting that all of the company’s partners and support organizations adhere to the same levels of transparency and excellence that have allowed U-Turn Vending to continue to grow since 1987.
Harry Warrick
Harry WarrickManufacturing Specialist
Harry provides the mechanical expertise that we rely on to ensure that our U-Turn Vending machines will hold up to the lifetime warranties and guarantees provided to each customer. From designing new products to revising and troubleshooting specific parts to improve existing equipment, Harry is an incredibly important specialist in the U-Turn Vending organization.
Ray Surgeon
Ray SurgeonStart-Up Specialist
From the moment you first speak with Ray, one thing will be clear: this man is here to help. Ray has made a career out of helping budding business owners discover a niche and a business model that helps them find great success. His passion is only equaled by his commitment to each new relationship he builds, and he dutifully invests the entirety of his abilities into each conversation.
Selina Hansen
Selina HansenLocating Coach
Selina’s favorite author is Hank Smith, and her favorite super hero is Wonder Woman. She enjoys George Straight’s music and the Broadway film “Phantom of the Opera.” Selina has been in the vending business for over 15 years and her favorite vending product is bottled water
Mark Schmidt
Mark SchmidtStart-Up Specialist
If Mark could be given any gift, he would choose eternal happiness. If he were to receive an exotic animal as a pet, it would be a tiger. Mark’s favorite toy as a child was his GI Joes and his favorite celebrity as a child was Andy Griffith. The most extreme physical challenge he has accomplished was climbing Mt. Olympus. The furthest Mark has been from home is Thailand. If Mark had a second home in any state, he would choose California.
Dave Brink
Dave BrinkStart-Up Specialist
Dave got his start in the vending industry 15 years ago and has helped hundreds of people across the country get started as well. Having lived in Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Jersey, he and his wife now reside in South Florida where both of their adult children are practicing veterinarians. They enjoy visiting anyplace that has a beach they haven’t been to yet. His career has been in ranching, publishing, the supermarket industry and vending. With such a diverse background, Dave brings a wealth of life experiences into each new relationship that he establishes with our new vending owner/operators.
Darron Harris
Darron HarrisStart-Up Specialist
Darron has a fervor for growth and development. For years, he assisted military veterans in the development of their potential for growth through education. He now directs that potential through entrepreneurship with UTurn Vending. Darron’s passion is helping others and developing new relationships. He wants to challenge people to take a chance and expound on their dream while helping them every step of the way.
Alan HillStart-Up Specialist
A self-professed man of the outdoors, Alan is happy to teach you how to tie a fly as you embark on your new hobby of fly fishing. After all, you’ll need something to do with the extra time in your weekly schedule! Alan’s expertise exists within the realm of understanding what sits behind a person’s business goals. It’s important to remember why you’re starting a new business, and Alan works hard to keep your personal goals in perspective as you evaluate starting a business with our company.